Star Citizen: Which Package to Buy?

Star Citizen: Which Package to Buy?


Star Citizen is an enormous amusement. It’s an extensive Sci-Fi MMO with RPG and shooter components. The amusement has a few modules and a newcomer normally doesn’t have even an inkling where to begin. He comes to RSI site, sees diverse ships and doesn’t comprehend what to do. Peruse this guide on Star Citizen game packages the off chance that you are in comparative circumstance.

Amusement Packages

The center thing that truly matters is which bundle to purchase. There are numerous packs with various costs. The least expensive begins at about $45 and the most costly will cost you $15 000! The thing that matters is so colossal in light of the fact that each bundle offers diverse measure of boats and rewards. The least expensive will offer you essential access to the amusement with a solitary ship. Progressively costly alternatives will offer you more ships and increasingly advanced rewards. Which of them is the best for a fledgling?

Which Package to purchase

So the primary inquiry is: which Star Citizen bundle would it be a good idea for you to purchase? The short answer is: I prescribe to begin with the least expensive one. The purpose behind going little is on the grounds that the least expensive alternative offers all that you requirement for beginning and playing the diversion with no impediments.

This is the thing that the least expensive choice Aurora MR SC Starter offers:

Aurora MR Spaceship

SelfLand Hangar

Beginning Money: 1,000 UEC (in diversion cash)

3 Month Insurance

Advanced Star Citizen Manual

Star Citizen Digital Download (Access to the diversion)

You get a shuttle you can use for voyaging and battling. You get beginning in-diversion cash. You get access to the diversion itself. As you see all you requirement for attempting the amusement is incorporated.

Is there motivation to purchase progressively costly bundle directly from the begin? I don’t think so. Why you should pay $125 for Hornet F7C in the event that you can begin playing for $45? Indeed, Hornet is a superior space send, yet would you say you are certain you won’t surrender the amusement in the wake of playing for seven days?


The other purpose behind buying least expensive bundle is that you can generally move up to progressively costly choice by essentially paying distinction in cost. The alternative to move up to higher bundle is accessible whenever. On the off chance that you begin with least expensive $45 Aurora MR and, at that point choose to move up to $125 Freelancer pack you should pay just $80.

So here is your technique: you buy the least expensive alternative and begin employing Star Citizen. In the event that you like the diversion you may dependably move up to all the more likely bundle. As you see diversion engineers offer extremely cordial conditions.

I prescribe the least expensive alternative yet there are 2 least expensive bundles: Mustang Alpha Starter and Aurora MR Starter. Which of them is the best? You can choose any; the thing that matters is in the shuttle you get. The purpose behind running with any is on the grounds that you can switch between bundles with a similar expense for nothing. Attempt Mustang Alpha, and afterward change to Aurora MR whenever with no expense.

When you select an amusement bundle ensure you buy Starting Package, NOT Standalone Ship. Independent Sip doesn’t give access to the diversion. It’s a possibility for the individuals who have just obtained Starter Pack and wish to add new rocket to their gathering. Utilize this connection for making a buy:

Getting Ships in the Game

When you settle on a choice about which starter pack to get you should remember that ALL the boats can be eared with in-amusement credits. On the off chance that you begin with Mustang Alpha you won’t need to fly on it amid the entire diversion until you buy next ship for genuine cash. You can advance, win United Earth Credits (UEC) and spend them for acquiring better ships. This isn’t simple, this will require a ton of time, endeavors, collaboration and fortunes yet it’s conceivable to get every one of the boats for in-amusement cash.

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