Super Smash Flash : Top Action Game of the Decade

Super Smash Flash : Top Action Game of the Decade

Super Smash Flash 2 has all the gaming features that every gamer like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide,. It is filled with action, exciting and realistic battle stages and lively sounds.

Super Smash Flash 2 is the new version of Super Smash Flash. Both games are created by McLeod Gaming. Just like the other games in the web, you will need to press the special keys in order to move and attack the enemies. But unlike the other games, you can choose to play the game alone, with another player opposing you, or with another player assisting you either in adventure mode or the final smash up.

One of the traits that make this game unique is its variety of characters. Some of the most common characters in the game are well known characters in different games like Mario from the Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Megaman and Sonic from the same title games, Link from The Legend of Zelda and Cloud from Final Fantasy; but the most anticipated characters are from popular anime shows such as Pikachu from Pokemon, Goku from Dragon Ball, Ichigo from Bleach and Kirby and Naruto from the same title anime show. Each of these different characters has their own unique skills.

Another trait that the game proudly presents is its virtually realistic battle stages. Unlike the other flash games, this game got better detailed stages and rich battle sounds. In addition, 2 stages are also derived from the characters’ environment like the Stadium from Pokemon, Mushroom world from Super Mario Brothers, and the Hyrule Temple from The Legend of Zelda. Every gaming and anime aficionado will surely love these stages.

Super Smash Flash 2 is also better in terms of functionality. There are reported glitches before in Super Smash Flash like instant kills or no damage done during adventure mode and improper loading of the battle stage. Many gamers like these glitches because these can be used as instant cheats. Because of these, McLeod Gaming spent months in order to make game glitch-free and cheat-free.

Super Smash Flash 2 not only contains derived characters and stages but also contains derived items from the included characters. Some items include Pokeballs from Pokemon, Fire Flower from Super Mario Brothers, and Maxim Tomato from Kirby. Every gamer will surely love how these items help other different characters throughout the game.

But if you think that Super Smash Flash 2 is a lousy action game, you are wrong. Most of the characters and stages are locked in the game and the only way for you to use them is to complete the given tasks in adventure mode.

This game has all the gaming components that every hard core gamer wants. So why would you spend your free time playing lousy adventure Flash games when you can search for Super Smash Flash 2 and play all you want?


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