The growing popularity of voice search is how search engines optimized in 2019

The growing popularity of voice search is how search engines optimized in 2019


Google Voice Search returned in 2012, but within 12-18 months people were already sitting and listening. With the introduction of audio-like audio such as Google Home and Amazon, the sound was transferred to the Center Theater for marketers.


The increasing popularity of voice support and the discovery of sound discoveries have changed the role of SEO symbols. Now, much more, we have to think about such portable repairs, evaluations of specialization, schemas, page speed. Google first looks for things because they have reached this scene, and as a result, we have to change how things can be found. For example, the focus is entirely on searching for basic keywords – keyword lengths and more conversations and user intentions, as we’ve never seen before.


How are search engines and audio optimized?

People enter and search for a variety of times in many ways. We use everything from traditional desktops with smart clocks, and quickly, to find new brands, voice search, solve our problems and use them to buy and buy products. Through our own research on BrandContent, we found that one day in Britain, adults are used in one day – most of these early conferences are a 45-year-old birthday or teenager.


We also realized that 22% of local business users use it for use, so there are great opportunities for small businesses looking for a 2019 voice, which was the Google page in the past. You will get a lot of opportunities to appear.


With local searches or “near” searches with many searches, local brands have a wide open chance. These small businesses that do not have the budget to find out in the past, just use the guides and comparison sites and Google My Business to promote awareness and become one of the relevant questions and keywords. It can be done


Prophecy for the future sound

You should be interested in how to adjust the technology to look for sound in the coming years. Research shows that 90% new cars will offer some form of voice recognition until 2022. The TV clearly jumps on board. In the next few years, there will be a great opportunity with Inter Tablet technology and I think this speed is going on.


There is a factor that can develop the evolution of smooth sound. At this time, there is a lot of discussion around, or lack of confidence, they are found in search engines like Google Home and alex’s alex. Many people believe they listen to everything, but it is not an issue – this is only when GeoGroup commands, such as “AJ Google”. Finally, this will increase – if people want these devices in their homes, they may have to sacrifice a small part of their privacy, and trust that any non-emotional indirect absorbed by the assistants will not be stored or not. Uses.


When this sound comes, the finance and insurance sector is considered to be one of the most financially viable sectors. There is a slowdown in the use of new technology in this sector – mobile banking applications have become an important example. In the next few years, people’s confidence and understanding will be expected, and people will realize that their data is protected by voice search and voice assistant through their mobile phones or mobile phones.


How and why brands need to find their voice

There are some important things to keep in mind to improve voice search, but one of the easiest steps is to take a brand, connect with content, and do long-term keywords. The way people ask questions by voice provides a lot of information about the user’s intention that we have not been able to reach the past.


Brandon wants to make sure that the page page monitors the mobile and the screen, since it is estimated that 60% of voice searches come from mobile, so it’s important that all devices are a strategy for improvement. PageSpeed ​​is particularly important that the average search results page is at least five seconds long, while the average current speed indicator is longer than eight seconds.


How SEO Companies help new Product to Increase Voice Search On Google?


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